The Rhythms of Cape Town

What You’ll Discover

Multi-cultural rhythms in Cape TownThe rhythms of Cape Town are as complex and interesting as her multicultural people. Most of all, the Mother City is known for its unique take on jazz and hip hop, although an abundance of music continues to pour out of the city’s many musical genres.


Cape jazz is a distinctive mix of Western and African influences, and a highlight on any jazz aficionado’s calendar should be the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

The hip hop scene is another big genre to come out of Cape Town, which includes a most unconventional rapping in Afrikaans and Xhosa.

What You’ll See

Cape Town Jazz FestivalCape Minstrel Carnival
The Cape Minstrel Carnival traditionally takes place on the second of January each year, the one and only day that slaves in the Cape were given off. Locally known as Tweede Nuwejaar (second new year), it is one of Cape Town’s longest-running street parties, made of merrymaking, music and a parade of colorful dancing performers that make their way from Zonnebloem, formerly known as District Six, through the City Centre.


Traditional African Music
Traditional African music stems from a mix of South Africa’s African cultures, with the most popular activity being djembe drumming. African rhythmic experiences can be found at places like the Gold of Africa restaurant, the Africa Café and Zula Bar in the City Centre; but if you really want to kwela, try AmaZink Live, a new homegrown township musical and dining experience in the heart of Kayamandi, near Stellenbosch.


Musical Events in Cape Townand more…
Pop, rock, electro, zef … you name it, Cape Town’s musicians are experimental and ambitious, and many have made a name for themselves outside of the Mother City’s borders. Freshlyground, Die Antwoord, Goldfish, Locnville and Abdullah Ibrahim are to name but a few. These artists are ambassadors for the country, and every performance is a showcase of South Africa’s varied cultures and potential.


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Written by Lisa Codianne Fowler for Go Touch Down Travel and Tours’ blog.

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