Our May Sponsor Derek Bishopp

May 24, 2011

Our May sponsor is Derek Bishopp. He is a frequent participant at YES and he likes to share his views with us. He also likes to challenge the group.
“Looking to make a difference in Sarasota by helping your business get noticed on the Internet”.

Derek is the President of Moneyjingle, an Internet Advertising Company
Check out his YES ning website

Next month we will reveal another financial sponsor, stay tuned!
Thank you Valerie for sponsoring last month and Hank for sponsoring March 2011.

What is Y.E.S.?

Young Entrepreneurs of Sarasota (YES) share success strategies every Tuesday. All ages welcome (100 yrs or younger), no membership applications, no dues. YES is a positive oriented volunteer educational support group for entrepreneurs. Relationship building starts 11:30; lunch 11:45; YES workshop starts at 12:15 and ends at 1:15.

The entrepreneurial support/workshop, a tasty meal, tax and tip at the door is $13.00. See you at Clayton’s Siesta Grille, 1256 Old Stickney Point Road on beautiful Siesta Key, Sarasota on Tuesday, May 31, 2011. Check out our website:

Entrepreneurial words of wisdom

Lisa Codianne Fowler

Lisa Codianne Fowler

“Your game is only as good as your practice.” ~ Don Shula, football coach

John Greer says…Practice Perfection!

John Greer, YES941 Founder

Do you practice perfection?

No individual or team can reach “practice perfection” alone. It takes ferocious concentration and unyielding commitment to continuous improvement. That means day-to-day coaching–setting clear goals, letting people perform, observing, and then praising progress or redirecting efforts. “You cannot coach from the press box,” Don Shula used to say. “You have to be on the field.”

See you Tuesday at YES.

John Greer, YES facilitator.

The first time guests

presented by Doug Ross

Lee Thaxton – My Corner Deals
Mitch Mallett – Pre-paid Legal
Troy Peterman – BASIC
Elysa Roberts, Ph.D. – Life Coach and Speaker

Get your name out there, put your profile on the YES Web page –> with a picture – YES members will support you!

This week’s discussions

Is this what Sarasota will look like?

presented by John Greer & the YES participants

• John pointed out Herald tribune articles on Real Estate and Parking Meters. What is your take on it?
• We talked about a participant’s brochure

Here are 12 tips on writing a brochure that will support your online marketing efforts, and increase your sales.

  • Know What Your Reader Wants
  • Motivate your reader to look inside
  • Contents Page – What’s in it
  • Describe Your Product
  • Make it a Keeper
  • Alter the Shape
  • Make it Personal
  • Add Atmosphere.
  • Get Selling…Fast
  • Talk about your reader’s needs
  • Give Directions
  • Ask for Action

John asked his group for our “Favorite Apps” on our smart phones. These were listed: Blingo, AroundMe, Trulia, BigAppShow, Glimpse, and Flashlight.

Also, we experimented with “Speed dating for business”, guided by Clayton Thompson who will do an expanded version next Wednesday. We did 2 minutes with each of a pair and reported the value of it . The result was very favorable.

Famous Entrepreneur of the week

Bertha Honore Palmer

A remarkable Chicago/ Sarasota lady…streets are named after her!

- presented by Gloria Ponziano

Gloria decided to present a great lady and a Sarasota influential business woman.

Mrs. Bertha Palmer’s Vision
When Bertha Honoré Palmer arrived in Sarasota in the winter of 1910, she was preceded by her reputation as a keen businesswoman, a patron of the arts, an international socialite and the widow of Chicago multi-millionaire Potter Palmer.

In response to influence from Joseph H. Lord, and a newspaper advertisement extolling the beauty and quality of land in the Sarasota Bay district, Palmer visited Sarasota with her brother, father and son.

Based at the Halton Hotel, which was on the bayfront and had been converted from a sanitorium, the family spent more than a week touring the area. Before the year was over, they had begun purchasing the nearly 90,000 acres they would acquire in the Sarasota-Venice region of what was then Manatee County.

Palmer’s Sarasota Bay enormous land holdings provided a setting for her new interest – agriculture. Not only did she enjoy watching the beauty of her gardens unfold, she took on the challenge of improving the quality of livestock and crops that could be grown in southwest Florida.

To her ranch along the Myakka River, Meadowsweet Pastures, Palmer brought new cattle stock and new practices. She fenced the range, which had been open for pioneer cattlemen. To eradicate the Texas fever tick, she built concrete dipping vats and bathed her cattle in an arsenic and soda solution.

What we learned:
Her thinking was to stay in Sarasota and rebuild it.
She was an astute business thinker.

Unfortunately I was not at the meeting to hear all about this notable lady, but I would like to thank Gloria to present this famous Chicago/ Sarasota entrepreneur.

Presenters next week

Do we have a presenter next week? Yes, the answwer is always yes!

Our Famous Entrepreneur of the week will be presented by Caroline Gosnell

The YES participants always have great discussions, ideas and suggestions!
Come and join us, be motivated and learn.


Yes the answer is always Yes!

As you know, our YES NING website is no longer free and we are looking for a new group of financial sponsors for this year (2011). We have received some names and I will feature each sponsor in the newsletter at the beginning of each month they support. Please let us know via e-mail on the YES website if you would like to become a financial sponsor.

Thank you to all the Y.E.S. participants, this is such a dynamic group and we enjoy sharing and learning from our stories and experiences every time we meet.

Tips for a successful yes presentation – to find them, login, click on Forum, click on Rants, Raves, Recommendations, Complaints & Kudos!

A great place to make your announcements is the Y.E.S. website. Login to, add your profile, then proceed to add an event and invite all members. Also read about Events, Discussions and Blogssome Y.E.S. participants are writing about, voice your opinions, get involved and help out if you can.

Notes of the meeting contributed by Nelly Camardo, BijEau Jewellry.

** Yes, the answer is always Yes!!**

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