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Anna Maria Island for Floridians

Just out, this feature on Anna Maria Island, published in the summer 2015 Travel Florida section of The Tampa / St. Petersburg  Tribune.

Anna Maria Island: Only miles away but Worlds Apart

The sand feels silky and cool between my bare toes. I’m sipping a chilled mimosa while gazing upon the sugary strands of the beach. Bopping to cool jazz on a warm day at Anna Maria Island, I’m lovin’ this gulf-front table at The Sandbar restaurant. They call it Sunday Jazz Brunch. I call it heaven. What’s

A Whale of a Tale

Welcome Andrew, our newest guest journalist! This nature-lover is also an environmental consultant. Today he is taking us whale watching.

All’s Whale in Massachusetts *** By Andrew T. Der

Waving pectoral flippers in the air while floating on its back for its amazed ocean audience, this magnificent Humpback Whale was the real thing – and only an hour after I left Gloucester Harbor under the watchful gaze of the Gorton’s Fishermen’s Memorial of fish stick fame (“they who go down