Grand Incentives Unauthorized Report

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Grand Incentives helps the homelessThis might just get me fired. Why? Because the management at Grand Incentives insists upon anonymity regarding this very special cause.

Here’s the secret scoop: One night a month, every month, for YEARS, the staff at Grand Incentives (GI) contributes cash, but more importantly, time and good will, to feed the homeless of Sarasota. Many GI employees live paycheck to paycheck, juggling family and financial responsibilities. No matter. The third Thursday of each month, they rally… generously giving up a portion of their hard-earned money and a big block of precious time to nurture those in our community who are in greater need.

Christmastime delivers not only food, but bags and bags of clothing and other items that our employees donate to “give back”. They would, and have literally, given the coats off their backs to provide warmth to a homeless person shivering from the biting cold night air.

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