6 Reasons to Take Your Computer on Vacation

Take your Computer on VacationComputers have become increasingly powerful and portable. With more and more devices like tablets, netbooks and sliders being introduced that are no larger than a children’s book, it’s completely practical to bring one on your next vacation. Here are a few reasons why:

1.You’ll have access to updated road maps and information on nearby places of interest. You’ll also be able to search for places to eat, or make last minute hotel reservations.

2. Edit and organize your photos with ease on your computer while your memories are still fresh during the trip.

3. You can save space by storing content from DVDs and CDs on the device. Slim designs also make it easy to set up in your back seat to keep your kids entertained with a movie.

4. With a larger screen and longer battery life, you can read numerous magazines, newspapers and books on the go.

5. You can play your favorite games like Angry Birds and Downhill Snowboard or watch animations and other media content that run on Flash.

6. There’s always the possibility that you’ll need to check in with the house sitter or pay a bill you forgot to take care of before you left. A mobile device allows you to do these things with ease.

Written by Lisa Codianne Fowler; reprinted with permission from Getaway Plus.

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2 Responses to “6 Reasons to Take Your Computer on Vacation”

  1. Pete says:

    Good reasons to leave your computer at home when you go on vacation.

    1. Your employer wont be able to contact you and you might actually relax.

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