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Hi there, travelers and wannabe’s!  I qualify for both, depending on life’s demands at the moment. I’ll bet the same is true of you. That’s ...more


March 2014: A Significant Month

Please join me on this temporary departure from all things happy… the heartbreaking plight of the rhino. But there IS an upside!


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Love on the Beach

Every Valentine’s Day, committed couples from around the world gather on Siesta Public Beach to renew their wedding vows. While many have ...more

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The Rhythms of Cape Town

What You’ll Discover

The rhythms of Cape Town are as complex and interesting as her multicultural people. ...more

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Luxury Travel Meets Lady Luck

You can have your cake and eat it too! If you love gaming AND traveling in style, check out these top luxury casino ...more

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Awe-Inspiring Places to Explore

Outdoor Enthusiast Vincent Stokes takes us on a magnificent journey to some incredible destinations that were formerly only known and loved by a select few. ...more

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No Habla Espanol? No Problema!

Special Guest Journalist, esteemed colleague and Super-Star Alyssa Villarreal provides tips on how to overcome language barriers while traveling abroad.


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5 Ways to Hurricane-Proof Your Vacation

Hurricane season is officially from June 1 through the end of November, peaking late summer through early fall. Whether you are driving, flying and/or cruising, ...more


Frommers’ Top 10 Vacation Destinations

Each year, Frommers’ editors, authors and experts from around the world sit down to talk about the best cities, islands, beaches and other vacation destinations ...more


A Dutch Treat: Top 5 Floral Events in Holland

Tulips are synonymous with Holland. The brightly colored bulbs bloom in all their glory throughout the spring. But visitors who find themselves here during ...more

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How to Pay for Dinner with Your Phone

I’m nowhere near as smart as my smart phone. So tips like these are invaluable to me. Hope they will be to ...more

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5 Ways to Prevent Identifty Theft While Traveling

More smart travel tips! These shared with us by guest journalist, Meghan Keane. Identity theft is on everyone’s minds these days, and with good ...more

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Thanks, Guys… More Good News!

If it weren’t for you,  a number of amazing things would not have happened. For one, this website recently came in third, ...more

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Send us your Trip Clips!

Share your travels with us! Videos that are 30 seconds or less. Here’s one from Michael Flanagan at the Grand Canyon, one of the many ...more

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Advice for Smart Travel

We rely on our phones a lot when we’re traveling. They help us get from port to port, keep us in touch ...more

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